About Me

My name is Brendan Bensky. I am a digital and I.T. consultant with a knack for business, good process, clear communication and sound thinking.


Process, Workflow and Analysis

I can assist with the design, implementation and oversight of CRM and integrated applications for small and medium businesses and non-profit organisations. I excel at designing for efficiency and simplicity and can assist you to scale in a sustainable manner.

I am able to work at the macro and micro scales of process and can formulate associated metrics and reporting packages to measure process performance.


Web and Digital Leadership

At the macro scale, I support businesses to make realistic and well rationalised plans for their digital future based on their needs, their resources and current best practices.

I help to gather and prepare detailed requirements for new digital implementations, select platforms and provide oversight for vendor relationships.

I also highly regard the importance of assessing the performance of existing digital products, and optimising their function where possible.


Advisory and Coaching

I excel at supporting management and small business owners at engaging with the technical world and cloud-business operating models. I help in decision making processes, can guide through a process, and am an effective conjugate between departments that speak geek, and those that don't.


Hands On

    I am innately competent at troubleshooting and resolution of system failures. I have experience managing and developing a large spread of cloud applications, CRM, websites and custom applications.